About Me

A very short, brief and to the point introduction about me is that my name is Ross Matterhorn and that I am currently the manager of a housing insurance company and have a wife and two kids who I adore and would give anything to make happy. I am 30 yrs old and for some people that may seem like an early age for a man to have two children but I am glad to say that I am pretty happy with my life and have everything that I could hope for.

People sometimes say I have a split personality because of the very changing moods I am in. My wife thinks that at times I work a lot and don’t give the family enough time and other times I seem to be focusing on nothing else but my children and their lives. I would say that she is right in both of those accounts because I am a firm believer in balance.

In the years that I have worked for the house insurance, I have come across a variety of people. While some of this people are friendly and polite, others need to be dealt with more of a stronger hand. Of course, I am not rude to any of my clients but do believe that some people can take a lot of advantage of you if you begin to treat them like your friends. This is why I keep my professional and private life very far away from each other.

Even though my job sometimes drains me and my efforts, I love it and miss it whenever I am away from it for a very long time. I have friends at the insurance firm that I joke around with and these are the only people, apart from my family who know just how much fun I can be.

I believe in the fact that no matter what the age, every one of us has a child in ourselves and that that child needs to come out in the world every once in a while. So folks, this was a little bit about me and what my life is about.